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About Our Bengal Kittens For Sale...

We want every Bengal cat and kitten born to have the same chance ... a forever family.
The decision to bring a new Bengal cat or kitten into your home should truly be a forever one. Please don't let location, price, or that quick "deal" influence your final decision.
If you are looking for a high-quality Bengal kitten for sale that really exceptional, Grand Royal Bengals Cattery is definitely the right choice for you!

Why is it better to choose our kittens?

our kittens are...

     From the first day all kittens need lots of attention. Our kittens are not "in cage" kittens. They are living with us all the time, playing with our kids. This is one of the most important stages in their early development. Otherwise if kittens grew up in cage, in a future they will never be friendly and they will not love cuddles. All our kittens eat highest quality holistic food starting from 3 weeks old until collection day. We never use cheap junk food like Wiskas or Felix. Most breeders do it to reduce the costs...

     We are breeders who love their pets and do not chase after continuous sales of cats. We give a good rest to our Queens after each litter to restore their energy and give us a healthy litter in the future. We are very closely monitoring the health of our pets, to obtain healthy offspring, with stable type, according to their breed quality. Also we provide LIFETIME SUPPORT for all our costumers.

     Our kittens are well socialized, handled and loved so they settle quickly and easily into their new homes. Kittens are able to go to their new homes from 13 weeks of age. Socializing kittens - Means all kittens are handled everyday, in a group and one-on-one within a household environment.  They are exposed to other people and other cats.  They start to learn the word NO.  NO people food.  NO scratching the couch.  NO chewing your sister ☺   They know what sunshine is and if the weather is nice, they get to sit by the screen door if they choose. 

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