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Bengal kittens
Kittens available
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             Be aware! 
If you are lucky to find a “Bengal kitten” less than £1500, we would suggest to make sure that it’s a pure Bengal breed healthy and happy kitten! We keep getting lots of pictures and videos from “lucky buyers” who purchased a kitten, but sometime later they are not sure anymore whether it was a Bengal or not … Unfortunately, in most cases when people are chasing the price they certainly face disappointment....

     We wish You good luck finding your best friend!

Our Prices

The price of pure pedigree Bengal kitten may vary from 1500 - 3000. It depends on many factors: will a kitten be for a breeding program or just as a pet, for a cat shows or no, with pedigree certificate or without, with TICA registration or without etc. Please contact us to discuss a price of your chosen kitten. We are always loyal and many of our new and previous customers getting offers and discounts from us.

All our kittens will get a starter pack to minimise their stress and to make their adaptation to a new place as quick as possible

We have 3 kitten pack options for you to choose for FREE, NO Aditional cost!!!

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Platinum Pack.png

Standard Kitten Package.
Starter pack will include wet and dry food, toys, scoop, a pack of litter, blanket, care sheet, microchip, 4 weeks free kitten insurance, TICA registration, pedigree certificate. You will get it automatically once you’ll pay a standard deposit. Our standard deposit is 200.

Golden Kitten’s Package. Golden pack will include our standard pack + Closed cat toilet and a bed house. You will get it if you will prepay a deposit of 30% of kitten’s price.

Platinum Kitten’s Package. Platinum Pack will include Standard pack + Golden pack + Pet Carrier. You will get it if you will prepay a deposit of 50% of kitten’s price.

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Home Delivery

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***Home delivery available for additional small charge. Contact me to get a right price and to arrange a delivery date. My phone number is 07549354222

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